Monday, March 12, 2012

ApexDC++ and RooiHub on Stellenbosch

One of the many problems faced by new students in residences on Stellenbosch is the set-up and download of  DC.  Here is what you have to do:

1) Download Rooihub from

2) Install Rooihub

3) Download ApexDC++ from or get the new version from the internet (

4)Install ApexDC++

5) Double click on Rooihub and then click the "Connect" button in the Rooihub window, ApexDc++ should automatically start.

6) Set a username for yourself on ApexDc++ (A settings window will be displayed where you can set it)

7) If the window is not displayed go to File -> Settings

8) Choose the "Sharing" tab or menu button in the Settings menu and add a lot of files to share (More is better)

9) Exit and Reconnect. You should be able to browse and download from your fellow residents.

ADDTIONAL You can also set the file you download to, to be shared or share your downloads so that other residents will be able to access those files at much greater speeds and availability won't be an issue.

For those finished with exams, have a nice vacation.

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